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NORTH BEACH ENTERPRISES LTD is committed to the provision of a safe and healthy work environment for all its employees and others, who may work, visit or enter our client’s facilities on our company’s behalf. As a consequence, it is the intention to develop and maintain a Health, Safety and Environmental programme which is in line with legal requirements and the best business practices that governs our industry.

NORTH BEACH ENTERPRISES LTD strives for continuous improvement in our environmental, health and safety performance. NBEL has also identified the need for a Health Risk Management plan due to our operations and will develop systems to reduce the likelihood of negative impact in this area.

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Identify potential hazards that may arise through the activities of NBEL, to assess the risk arising from these and to institute effective control measures to minimize the risk.

Implement appropriate measures to prevent accidents, injury and health impairment of all persons affected by the activities of NBEL and promote a culture of safety consciousness.

Provide the necessary resources for the implementation and management of its health, safety and environmental system.

Comply fully with all statutory and contractual Health, Safety and Environmental requirements.

Ensure that all Health, Safety and Environmental requirements are communicated, understood and implemented where third party arrangements exist.

Provide relevant information, instruction, training, and supervision as is necessary to ensure competence of all Employees.

Integrate health and safety responsibilities into everyday working practices and managerial responsibilities and to continually review, improve and update the policy so that all important and relevant legislation.

Provide safe working conditions and equipment to minimize or eliminate incidents.

Consult with Employees on HSE management and performance.

NBEL will ensure that the Necessary Resources are provided for Adequate Emergency Response and Preparedness.

Ensure safe handling and transportation of harmful substances.

North Beach Enterprises Ltd (NBEL) believes that all our people are entitled to the same level of protection in spite of where they work. NBEL makes sure that a consistent approach to safeguarding Health, Safety, Environment and Security. We have adopted a global HSE Management System supported by our HSE processes, procedures, instructions and guidelines, as well as a mature security system. NBEL’s management system is a controlled suite of documentation as seen below.

Identifies key features of HSE management process rules which you must understand and comply with, to achieve consistent HSE objectives.

Tells you about NBEL's HSE goals, objectives and culture.

Lists issues concerning your safety with which you need to become familiar when you join a worksite.

Identifies NBEL's collective responsibilities and the role of the HSE department.

Empowers you to address unsafe conditions in your work place or to stop unsafe behaviour by work colleagues.

Promotes the reporting of all near miss incidents, damage, illnesses and injuries so that NBEL can learn from any mistakes and make improvements.

Provides lists of topics to help you assess the risks associated with work tasks and to assist you when involved in toolbox talks or similar.

Leads you in maintaining your security by listing the key security actions you should take.

NBEL asks of all its employees and charges to ask your supervisor to explain anything you are unsure about or tell you more about HSE

Safety is a core value

We are committed to an incident-free workplace, every day, everywhere.
We continue to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment.
We share and embrace the following core values







HSEQ common principles

The following principles provide a common foundation across NBEL on which our HSEQ and Security policies are built

We work according to applicable laws, codes and regulations

We comply with approved procedures, rules and instructions

We provide our people with all necessary information, instruction and supervision

Our people are trained and competent for the tasks they are expected to complete

We provide Safe Systems of Work (SSOW) facilitated by efficient planning, robust risk assessment and effective management of change

All incidents must be reported and investigated and remedial actions assigned and completed

Clear objectives are set and progress is regularly reviewed

Documentation is reviewed in accordance with a scheduled programme or after a significant change

Leadership duties and accountability

Managers and team leaders have overall responsibility for and are held accountable for the health and safety of people working for them. This includes the protection of people, the environment and equipment on their worksite.

Their responsibility includes the following activities

Conducting risk assessment and evaluation

Providing safe operational procedures

Providing safe equipment

Ensuring a robust permit to work system is used where special activities or non-routine work takes place

Ensuring good worksite housekeeping

Carrying out safety induction/familiarisation training

Listening to workers’ concerns with regard to safety and acting on them

Promoting the Critical Safety Behaviours campaign

Intervening when at-risk behaviour is observed

Setting a good example through personal leadership and the promotion of health, safety and environmental policies and initiatives

Demonstrating accountability through performance reviews, counselling and disciplinary action

Leading investigations into injuries, accidents and high potential incidents, contributing to the reports and ensuring follow up of actions and provision of feedback

Ensuring people working under supervision have received adequate training to enable them to perform their assigned tasks safely

Conducting management site visits and reporting findings

Message from the Managing Director

Safety is one of our core values, and we believe that by working together with integrity, we will create an incident-free workplace every day, everywhere.

We can make this a reality if we have the right attitude to health, safety, environmental and security management: by following instructions and procedures; by upholding our own high standards and never taking shortcuts; by helping others who may be new to a particular worksite and by challenging those who disregard our rules. We all have a part to play. NBEL via its management teams will help you succeed by setting safety priorities as part of the project work execution.

I believe that safety, quality and good management are inextricably linked. A safe worksite is a well run worksite. A well-run worksite is a safe place to work.

NBEL manages HSE issues across our business and utilizes the key management principles at all of our worksites. Day to day management of HSE is a line management responsibility supported by our HSE professionals.

Remember: it is vital to maintain your safety focus at all times. If we all do so, we can create a business which is second to none in terms of safe project delivery.

Omarie Thorpe
Managing Director

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